Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trailer Park Girl in The Return of Winter

Since a week-and-a-half ago I've been living in the hotel's caravan at the park just up the road, a caravan being a mobile home. The park is a holiday park so there's not really anyone else staying there in the other caravans other than on weekends. The reason for my move is that we have a new 2nd chef, Chris, who's worked at the Coylet more than a year ago, and he took Matt's room and Matt took my room. At the moment I have the caravan to myself, but by next weekend we have a new girl starting who'll be living with me, and then at the start of April there will be another girl. The school Easter holidays are in April this year and for about two weeks, so tourism picks up at that time and we need more workers.

In other news, it had seemed that winter had passed by here as there's daffodils popping up everywhere and buds on the trees. Then this weekend there was hailstorms, and snow on the hilltops. It's been chilly yesterday and today - above freezing since I can't see my breath but still cold enough feeling.

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