Sunday, December 30, 2007


The last two nights at the hostel, we went from having around 30 people staying per night to having 90-plus guests each night. The place is quite different when there's so many around. Just in terms of living here it's busier, with the kitchen being full of people and the television rooms being used whereas previously I could have one to myself if I wanted.

In terms of work, it's meant that I haven't had to resort to books to keep me busy - on my evening shifts I was busy with checking people in, providing tourist information, etc. In the mornings there was plenty to keep me busy with checking people out, booking them in for another night's stay, cleaning, laundry, and then once reception opened again at 2pm the phones just kept ringing. It made the time pass quickly though.

It's quieter now again - the groups we had in left this morning, so we're down to 40 to 50 people, so there's some work to be done. Still, I've had a taste of what this place would be like in busy season. It'd be a madhouse, as we were only half-full the past two nights.

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