Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last of the sheets!

I'm nearing the end of my last shift at this hostel. Tomorrow I'm going to Glen Affric to work there until Thursday, and after that I'm finished work. For those who don't know, I'm then doing a month of holidaying around Scotland before returning to Canada.

It's been a busy enough last shift. I just finished the sheets about half an hour ago. Who knows what jobs I'll do in the future, but for the moment I've folded my last laundry professionally (well, paid laundry folding - if there's a professional laundry folding association, I'm afraid I don't belong to it).

There's no bed linen provided at Glen Affric, so that's why I'm done doing laundry if you're wondering.

A few things I've never gotten around to putting in a post that I'll do now. I'm sure they'll be more at another time.

There's a cat that lives at the train station - I've only seen it next to platform 6, so I'll assume it sleeps somewhere around there, maybe under the floor that's built for the operators to use. The railway workers must feed it, as there's often a dish out for it. It's a little black cat, quite friendly, lets strangers like me pet it. I call it Station Cat (how original), but I'm sure the railworkers have named it something themselves. I like it when businesses can have animals around like that. We don't have official office pets here, but our manager's dogs are in sometimes, and his cat pays visits when he's lonely or roaming at night.

I don't know if I've talked about the instances of men wearing kilts over here before, but it does happen, generally for weddings where it goes with the fancy shirt and jacket. It does look quite sharp. An odd/funny thing about this to me, is when you see a guy kitted out in the full Bonnie Prince Charlie (i.e., the formal jacket, shirt, socks, shoes, dagger, sporran, etc ), looking like he's stepped out of the past, and then you see him pulling his mobile phone out of his sporran. Old and new.

Anyway, I'll once again be away from the internet for a while, so it'll be Thursday or Friday before I can post again.

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