Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flying as cargo out West

Drove my dad over to Moncton (map link for non-Canadians) this morning to fly out West for work (my brother came along for the ride, I should mention). The company Dad's going to work for flies you to and fro every five weeks for a week home and thus does company flights so many times a week to different parts of Canada.

The Moncton flight leaves from what is the old Moncton airport, normally reserved for cargo. In fact, the terminal for the flight, if you can call it that, is a warehouse building labelled "Air Cargo" as shown here:
(That's the nose of my wee truck sticking in on the left, by the way)

But the sign on the little blue door does say that it's passenger check-in, if you can read it (we had to ask for directions there from the airport Shell office as the place isn't well sign-posted.)

I didn't think they'd like me taking pictures inside the building what with security reasons and all, but I probably could have, as the inside consisted of two ladies at a folding table who checked names, asked if luggage was labelled with the name of the camp (accommodation is provided in camps - big buildings sort of like university dormitories except each room has its own bathroom and TV and there's housekeeping staff to do the cleaning), and then the carry-on bag was given to the guy at the security folding table who took a look through it. No metal detectors or X-ray machines.

Then since we had about 1.5 hours until my dad's flight actually left, we just left his bags there, went for a drive, then stood around in the parking lot and watched everyone else stand around in the parking lot. The flight from the west came in, passengers left it through the gate in the chain link fence as here (crappy photo I know, but was being lazy. Shows big Chevy truck better than plane):
Then within 15 minutes of that plane landing we saw men getting on the plane so Dad headed off for his 6-and-some hour flight (stopping in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg). He told me that the plane holds 120 people, they've been pretty much full any time he's been on them, and it barely gets off the ground as it's so loaded with people and luggage (most of these fellas are taking tools in their luggage as they're tradesmen).

And with that another Islander headed off for the big money of Alberta.

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