Thursday, November 06, 2008

Marker fumes, fries with dressing, and fires

For Halloween this year, I dressed up as a tiger (I had a pair of orange tights I got real cheap once with the idea of a costume, so it stemmed from that). I used permanent marker to make my stripes, and boy do tigers have a lot of stripes! I ended up smelling like a permanent marker while wearing my costume. I was told repeatedly that my costume was very "cute", so I guess it was worth whatever brain damage I suffered from marker fumes.(I'll answer in advance that I attached the felt nose and whiskers with double-sided fabric tape, since loads of people asked me that.)

On George Street they hosted an event called Mardi Gras to celebrate Halloween on November 1. I've not run into anyone yet who knows why they call it Mardi Gras; from what I know that's a pre-Lent day.

On said Mardi Gras night, I got to try fries with dressing and gravy, a local variation on fries with the works (the dressing is what is known as stuffing to some people - what you have with turkey or chicken). It is one of the best foods I have ever had. I will not describe it any more as my mere words will do the taste no justice.

Bonfire Night (aka Guy Fawkes' Day) still seems to get some attention round here, mostly in the form of people setting stuff on fire (not in the form of organized community bonfires like in the UK). There's been a few stolen cars set ablaze; a couple in the soccer field near where I live.

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