Sunday, October 12, 2008

Along the southern shore

On the long weekend, I did some hiking on the East Coast Trail on the peninsula jutting out from Fermeuse (see map). I forgot to bring my proper camera with me, but my phone worked well enough to take a few pictures.

A view of the rocky stretch of coastline along the trail (it went through the woods with offshoots to viewpoints at rocky cliffs along the way).

These stones, on the top of a very high cliff, appealed to my sense of symmetry.

We walked right out on the top of this archway, looked down over it's edge, then walked farther down the path to where I took this photo before we realized that it was open underneath.

I saw some of the twistiest trees in my life during this walk. Along one little stretch of woods, it looked as though all these trees had laid down in surrender or perhaps to die:
These particular trees nearby seem to have laid down to writhe in agony before dying:
Oddly enough, the trees on the other side of the path were all fine - like one side of the path was cursed.