Saturday, February 07, 2009

How big is that plant in the window

My garlic plants looking out the front window (dreaming of being big trees, perhaps). This is the big excitement in my life at the moment (teaching occupies my days but it's not exciting). I planted two garlic cloves a week ago. The one on the left started shooting up within a day and is now just over 6 inches tall. The other clove, on the right, started about four days ago. I put the plants in front of the window during the day and pull back the veil curtain, and when I'm walking up to the house in the afternoon it has appeared to me as though the plant is peeking out, waiting for me to come home (I miss having a dog).

And yes, they are planted in a plastic ice cream container. I've become one of those old-lady-types who saves all my plastic tubs for reuse. Or in the case of this one, gets them from other people since I don't buy ice cream much these days. In other old-lady-behaviour news, I've also started filling a jar with boiling water to take to bed with me to keep my feet warm on cold nights, since my room can't be heated well without making other parts of the house scorching. And my hip was aching, but that was from fencing lunges.

I've planted some green onions today (by snipping off the white bulb bottoms of green onions from the supermarket; they already had little roots on them), so we'll see how that goes now. The space by the window will be getting crowded.