Monday, October 30, 2006

I woodsed 'er

Work is not busy this afternoon; that is I'm the only one on duty and there is no one in the bar to tend to and supper doesn't start until 6pm. So I'm killing time on the computer.

I last wrote when I was in town on Friday on my day off. It was raining then, thus why I was in town and not out hiking or something. By the way, I have been unable to post to Blogger properly from the library in town due to problems with the computer browser caches and not being able to clear them, so I have been e-mailing my posts to my Dad and he's been posting them. So if the time stamp on the post doesn't match up to what I'm writing, that's why.

It rained pretty much Saturday as well, but it cleared up some yesterday. I worked an odd shift, 8am - 2pm and then was on again from 6-8pm. So when I finished at 2pm and had eaten my lunch, I decided to go for a long jog until I had run my guts out as I had cabin fever from being inside out of the rain for so many days. I was about 1.5km into my jog, at the base of the loch, noticing a strong flowerly smell around there and wondering what was in bloom this time of year, when I completely woodsed 'er as the title would suggest. I had just gotten back on to the asphalt after a car had passed and I saw another coming toward me so I jumped back on to the shoulder to get out of it's way. I think I must have lept onto a rock disguised as a patch of grass and I went down, banging my left knee and landing nearly face first on my right arm. There may have been an empty can of Red Bull involved in tripping me in some way as I kicked it when I got back up. I was so embarrassed about having fallen that I got right up again and fled the scene so to speak, so I didn't really check out what had tripped me. The car that I had been moving aside for stopped and asked me if I was alright and I told them that I was, just a bit banged up.

Anyway, my knee is alright, just a bit cut up and sore. I continued running after I tripped, and because I was moving and keeping the joint warm it only hurt me a bit. It actually hurts more today to bend it because it's stiffened up some.

I went down the road all the way to a place called Puck's Glen where I intend to go hiking some day when I get the chance. It's a bit over 2 miles a way I think. When I got there I took a woods trail back up to Benmore Botanic Gardens which is about a mile-and-a-half down the road from the Coylet. Then I ran back along the road. I think I did about 9 km round trip and didn't feel tired at all. Just being outside after so long (and it was reasonably warm out) was good enough motiviation to keep going.

There is a redwood forest across from Benmore Gardens and also some planted in the gardens proper. I have read that they are the tallest trees in Scotland if not all the UK.

I started work at 2pm today so went for a jog/walk this morning and "found" a long distance route (it's well marked with a sign at it's base) that goes up the mountain behind the Coylet and actually goes right around Loch Eck at a full distance of about 22 miles. Walked on it for a bit to see if I could see the Coylet from above but couldn't see anything and then there was a rain storm starting to blow in so I got down from being halfway up the mountain as fast as I could as it can get nasty quick around here and where I was at the time there were no trees for wind protection.

I have Thursday off this week; I'm doing an extra day (and getting paid extra fortunately) to make up for Emma leaving, and then Monday and Tuesday we're shut next week and all weeks thereafter so those will be my days off then.

Now I'm going to go cast on the stitches for a second sock. I finished knitting the first one yesterday.

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