Thursday, October 19, 2006

The scoop

I will no longer be looking for another job come November. Instead I will be staying at the Coylet Inn since another girl who works here is going back to Australia in November. She had been planning to stay through the winter and so they wouldn't have needed me before as the inn will be closing on Mondays and Tuesdays starting in November. Now that she's leaving they need another person and I'm all trained up and I like where I am so I've agreed to stay.

Other news since I've updated: Just pretty much been working. Had Thanksgiving day off and was in town and updated the blog, then we had a staff party that was supposed to be a goodbye party for our manager but she had already left abruptly on a vacation so we just had it without her. Had the next day off and then was back to work since. I have tomorrow and Saturday off and I'm going to Glasgow Saturday to do some shopping and generally just to poke around and have a change of scenery.

In grim news, a fellow that was good friends with many of the staff - he even came to our staff party - died as the result of a car accident last week. His name is Lyndon Dash and he was about 40 I think. He had been at the Coylet visiting with Emma the Australian girl and hanging around the bar. I was talking with him about helping him figure out how to do a pH test on some vegetable oil for his diseal engine (he was a mechanic) and then he headed to town. He got in an accident less than a kilometre down the road - was going to fast around a turn, just clipped a stone wall and the car rolled into some trees which kept it from going into the loch. He most likely wasn't wearing a seatbelt and he was driving a BMW M3 which could certainly go. He died the next day in hospital (Friday October 13) and what made it more shocking was that we had heard the night before that he was injured but was going to be ok. His funeral is next week so the Coylet will be closed for it. Tomorrow our manager, Karen, is picking up some flowers and all the staff is going to walk down to the accident site, where there's already flowers left by other people, and leave the flowers and a pint of Guiness for Lyndon. There's been 10 accidents on this road in the last week - only the one fatal fortunately. It's really winding and people drive very fast. And just in case any one is worried about me because they know I jog along the road, well I leap onto the shoulder as soon as I hear a car coming from either direction, and I run on the shoulder even if it's rough. I'm not trusting any one on it to go around me.

Next up is a big write up on my job. That's all for now.

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