Sunday, August 12, 2007

Started work

I came up from the Gaelic college yesterday to Kyleakin, and I've started work today. Did a couple of hours this morning and then will do some more this evening in order to get a sampling of what needs to be done on the different shifts. It's not going to be too strenuous a job, I think.

The people I'm working with seem like good fun. The manager is Pat, and he's been here for years. He's got a "weird sense of humour" as he puts it, but since I have have a fairly odd sense of humour myself I imagine we'll get on well. He tells entertaining stories too.

There's two other live-in girls, Alicia from Australia and Alysha from British Columbia, both name are prounced the same. So we've decided to tell people that my name is Alisha, but that we've decided to call me Megan to make things easier. Or Alisha 3, since the other two are referred to as one and two, respectively. The girls have been good fun so far; we went over to the bar down the street last night and I met probably half the people in the village plus tourists.

I think there's a few hundred people who live in Kyleakin, with the population growing some in the summer since there's so many inns, B&B's, and hostels. There are 4 hostels in town, which is very odd for a place that has only one tiny shop and no major tourist sites. The hostel I'm at, which belongs to the Scottish Youth Hostel Association (SYHA) is the largest, with about 70 beds. I'm not sure how many beds are in the others, but judging from the building sizes I'd guess anywhere from 10 to 40 beds in each of the others.

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