Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Uill, hallò

(That's "well, hello" for you there. And it sounds pretty much like that, just vowels are a bit different. There's no "w" in Gaelic.).

It's the middle of day 3 of classes. We're up to having conversations of a sort now. My teacher, Cailean, is a youngish guy (I'd guess a bit over 20) and he's quite fun. As he put it, you're never going to need to know how to book a train ticket in Gaelic, or go to the bank, or any of the types of conversations that you usually get taught when learning French or German or Spanish. So he's teaching us how to speak about the fun stuff, as he put it. That involves where you're from, what the weather's like, do you have a car and can you give me a lift to the pub so we can get a pint, etc.

At the end of each day, we've been getting a short play recounting the adventures of Calum-Alig who is attempting to chat up a good-lookin' girl, Trixibelle, in various bars around Portree. So if you read just plain ol' "well hello" in my post title, you now need to stretch out the words so that it sounds like some fellow greeting the object of his attention in a bar.

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