Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Well, I finally got out to the fencing club last night - it had been not meeting over the holidays. The club's in Culloden, and handily-enough there's a bus that goes straight by there, and even better one that comes back.

There was probably about 20 people there, of whom 6 to 7 were adults, so good numbers. I fenced all three weapons in the one night, and had good fun, won some bouts and lost some as well. Today I'm sporting some good épée bruises for not parrying well enough (on my upper right arm). I've requested to have Tuesday evenings off from work each week, so I'll be able to keep it up. It'll be something to liven up the mid-week (I got excited about going yesterday, was doing my dog-waiting-to-go-for-a-walk bouncing around at times).

Just sitting at work now, eating a Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel bar. I had thought that it would be like a Cadbury Cara-milk bar, but it's not as good - there's less caramel. It seems the secret is confined to Cadbury's North American operations. Or it's been stolen by Galaxy's Caramel bar - they're good and caramely.

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