Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photos around Inverness

There are now photos up on my post about Cairngorm.

I've had pure maple syrup for the second time in my life. David my manager saw me eating pancakes (termed "Scottish crumpets" by the supermarket - I bought them pre-cooked) with Golden Syrup (pretty much tastes like corn syrup), and offered me some maple syrup that his friend in Waterloo, ON had sent him. I guess he has a large jug. So I finished off my crumpet packet with maple syrup instead of Golden.
Below is the view from my room at the hostel. That's a school being constructed in the foreground, but the interesting bit is in the back. That's the Moray Firth and Fort George is the point of land, I believe. I can also see a bit of the Black Isle through the trees (to the left of this picture but not shown). My camera's zoom isn't good enough to avoid the building though.

I've taken a walk along the Caledonian Canal a few times; it's about 1 km north of the River Ness. I walked out to where the canal joins up to the sea at the Beauly Firth (which then becomes the Moray Firth once it flows past Inverness and under the Kessock Bridge, to the best of my understanding). From there I took this picture - that's some mountain covered in snow, in behind the hills of the Black Isle.
I commented last year on the "furry" trees in Ireland; well they exist in Scotland as well and here's an example:

Finally, a swan in action on the canal. Doesn't look quite so graceful when it's wiggling its arse in the air.

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