Sunday, February 10, 2008

A social week

Well, this week I spent my days off visiting friends. I had Wednesday evening off, took a nap and then came down to make my supper and learned that Jamie had come up from Cairngorm to get a haircut and was staying overnight. So we watched Torchwood on television and then went out to Hootenanny's where a terrible bagpiper was playing loudly indoors.

Thurdsay morning I caught the train to Aberdeen where Alysha, back from B.C., is staying for a week. It was really good to see Alysha again and I had fun with her as always. We just hung around the hostel in the afternoon, having tea together again and dinner shared with Katie who was working desk and Gareth who was painting. We went to a few bars in the evening, one called Slain Castle that looked to be in a huge old church and had a sort of haunted theme going one, where we had dessert to top off our dinner.

Friday involved more hanging around, went walking around the town and then back to the hostel in the evening to wait around for the supposed-to-be-arriving Rob. We spent a few hours playing a card game called Quao that Alysha had been given by a friend with two hostel guests, CJ from England and Scott from the US. I then had to catch a train at 10pm to get back to Inverness for work Saturday morning.

At dinner last night, I ate with Zoltan, Amy a Chinese tour guide (she had a group staying with us), and Anthony from England (a secret physics graduate like myself). Alistair, who worked here before and will be again next week when Hardy moves back to Germany, showed up and we all went down to the nearby hotel to play some pool and chat. So my promise to myself on Saturday morning that I would either take a nap or got to bed early (I have to make promises like that frequently in order to get out of bed in the morning) was broken, but I was able to sleep in this morning and thus able to have the best of both worlds as far as fun and sleep were concerned.

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