Monday, September 18, 2006

Here goes nothin'

Well, the series of posts I mentioned last time didn't materialize, which is probably for the best anyway as I had nothing too substantial to say.

I'm nearing my departure day now. I have a few more boxes to pack to store stuff that's currently in my room, and then I have to play a bit of a game of real-life Tetris in stacking them in the basement. Actually, all my stuff doesn't take up too much space once it's put in Rubbermaid Roughneck totes that stack nicely.

Then I have to pack my backpack and hopefully everything I want to take will fit in it. If not I'll just leave behind some of the clothes that are in my "maybe" pile.

You may wonder why I haven't figured out if all my stuff will fit yet - well, I've done a partial packing and did some guessing and it seems that I'll be alright. But what with the state that my bedroom has been in for the last month, with boxes every where and things half-packed and stuff of my newphew's sitting around as well (and it's not a big room to start with) there hasn't really been any space to spread out my stuff and do a real packing trial. So I've guesstimated, and I'll figure it out for sure this evening or tomorrow. Mostly I've just placed the stuff that would be good to take in various piles around my room.

So I fly out of Halifax Wednesday evening, around 8-9pm. I'm taking a shuttle over in the afternoon so will be at the airport *plenty* early, by "plenty" I mean about 2 hours before the recommended 3 hours early for international flights. Then my flight is overnight to London, landing at 4am Atlantic time (8am Britain), and then I'll have another 4 hours to kill in Heathrow before flying to Edinburgh for the afternoon. My plan is to take it easy that evening, get a good night's sleep, and then start the bureaucratic processes on Friday before heading to either Inverness or Fort William (as they're the big centres in the Highlands) to job hunt on the weekend or the Monday after. I may hang around Edinburgh for the weekend and do some touristy things as well, whatever strikes my fancy.

Seeing as I still have packing to do, I'd best be getting back at that. Next update will be from Scotland.

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