Monday, September 25, 2006

I've got a 24-hour pass to the internet cafe...

... so I'm updating again. I was feeling a bit run down after phoning a bunch of places for work today and only speaking to one. I thought some playing around on the internet and checking out job sites might help me, which it seems to have. And I'm determined to make the most of my internet time.

Also, I was just offered a job as a General Assistant at the Coyet Inn in Dunoon, which is in the Argyll region. I had thought I wasn't going to hear from them because the woman I had spoken to said she would call me back in the afternoon and it was 7pm before I got the call. When I called about it earlier today I was told that the live-in accommodation would be in a 3-bedroom "caravan". I assume that means a trailer, or what would often be called a mobile home. Anyway, when the woman phoned back to offer me the job, she said that I would be housed in the hotel, perhaps because the caravan is full, I'm not sure. I hadn't had a chance to look at the Inn's website before she called, and so I asked her if I could let her know tomorrow if I wanted to take the job and she said that's alright. I've e-mailed a few other places that I saw advertised on (they didn't provide phone numbers) so I would like to wait to hear from them so that I have some choice. But looking at the website of the Coylet Inn it looks like a pretty nice place, and very small, so it would seem to be a good place to work. Hopefully if I do decide to take it the job will be still there. I'll check my e-mail in the morning, and if there's no word from anyone else before noon I'm taking that job.

It's raining again this evening, pretty steady. I still haven't broken down and bought an umbrella yet, mostly because I don't want to have to carry it.

I'm going to throw in some links to pictures of things that I think are neat around Edinburgh.

The street that this internet cafe is on is Rose Street (pronounced "Row Street" for some reason). It is a pedestrian street made of brick, and at various intervals along it their are mosaics made of pebbles, depicting roses I would imagine. I found these really cool the first time I was to Edinburgh, and four years later I still find them cool.

The Princes Street Gardens surround the train tracks although you can't see the tracks very well unless you're up close because they're hidden by trees. The gardens are also very low compared to the surrounding streets, and I can't find just one picture that depicts how low they really are very well so I'll just direct you to this site where there are many pictures if you scroll down to the bottom.

There's also loads of nice old buildings around. The link above for has pictures of stuff all over Edinburgh, and another good site for pictures is

I've already mentioned my fondness for the closes, although since I haven't had to live along one and have my sunlight mostly blocked out I guess my fondness for them is very unimportant and cerebral. I already posted a link to one picture and you can find loads of others if you do a Google image search for "Edinburgh close".

The keyboard layout here is actually different than in Canada. For starters, the difference that's giving me the most trouble is that the SHIFT key is half it's usual size on the left-hand-side of the keyboard, and that's the SHIFT that I always use. I've somewhat adjusted to it, but maybe I will try to use the right-hand SHIFT key some as well. The ENTER or RETURN key is not the full L-shape it is back home which means that when I go to hit it I often hit the # and ~ key which is in its place. The £ is taking up SHIFT-3 which is where # is back home. The " is made by SHIFT-2, which means that the @ is not where I am accustomed to but is done by SHIFT-'. So those two basically switched places. If there's any other differences I haven't noticed them yet as those are the only ones that have been messing up my touch-typing.

I'm actually getting tired already (at 8:30pm), so I think I'll head back to the hostel.


Anonymous said...

Hey megan its wyatt, i don't really know if this comment will show up, it's not really a comment, just saying hey. not to much going on here, I am just going to school, I started baking bread, rolls, and all that, so I am out of the pie business for now, the bread baking will carry me over the winter with 17-20 hours a week, breads are quite more complicated than the pies and cookies I can tell you that. so your looking at jobs at hotels and such eh, That would be good especially if you get the live in thing which would probaley make it quite easier on you. Everyone is good, ben is doing good, he is generally played out every evening now from daycare, and has been going to sleep around 7-8pm recently, which is cool with us. no besides school, and the bread not much happening here, marls at work right now, dwight and dad are in the garage, justina is studying, ben is sleeping.. will if you read this, and it works, just metion that you saw it in your next post, as I may just use this way to write, well I am going to study some now, as these next two weeks consist of a number of tests, and papers, thanksgiving is early this year, so all the work's due next week, take care, we'll be communicating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan;
Its, Margie, Wyatt gave me your web site and email so i will try to get to it also. not much news here. today was fairly warm around 12 and tomorrow is suppose to be 16 if you can believe that. I was talking to grammie today and she sure enjoys getting your letters and pictures. wyatt is working this weekend and doing a really great job at the breads and rolls, i'm very lucky to have him. i rely on him alot for certain things and there is never a problem. we had a break in on friday night and they walked off with our cash reg. just picked it up and walked out the door. the camera picked it up but when you ware a hoody you can't see the face. always something to keep us busy. christmas is not far away and if you could email me you address i would like to send your parcel early so you would have it for christmas. sure will miss you at the family gathering. always next year. bye for now and this is a great web site keep up the good work. love margie.