Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How I Lost My Blog

You may have noticed, or not, that there was no blog at this address for a while. That is because, while trying to make some changes from an internet cafe in Madrid on Sunday, I accidentally deleted my blog.

When I log into Blogger, I've been getting all Spanish instructions, and I know how to make a new post from memory but changing anything else involves reading Spanish, which it seems I don't do as well as I think.

So I accidentally hit a button that said "delete everything", and then it took me a while to realize that everything was gone and even longer to figure out how to get help on it. I e-mailed the Blogger help people and from the help of one with the moniker Danish, you are now able to read what I have written once again. Hurray!

I had two posts written up on Sunday, ready to go, so I'll put those ones up first and then get to the present, which is me in Granada.

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