Saturday, May 26, 2007

TPB Around The World

I forgot to mention this before, but it may be of interest to the East Coast folks. So when I was in Granada, one of the people I met was a guy from Norway. When explaining to some people where I'm from I made reference to Halifax. Upon hearing this, Mr. Norway exclaimed "Trailer Park Boys!"

Since I wasn't aware that the Trailer Park Boys aired anywhere other than Canada and the United States, I questioned him about how he knew of the show. Turns out he downloads the episodes from the internet (fair enough, as I've seen most of them that way since I didn't have Showcase). Who would have thought that Julien, Ricky, Bubbles and crew were making the Maritimes known around the world?

And for those of you who may be worried about the impression the world is getting of us Maritimers from Trailer Park Boys, rest assured that our Norwegian friend did not assume me to be gun-toting, nor did he ask to buy some hydroponic dope grown in a trailer or hash scraped from a "driveway".

If you have no clue as to what Trailer Park Boys is, then I'd recommend that you follow the Norwegians and download some for yourself. Just to be fair I'll warn you that it's not everyone's cup of tea (some people absolutely hate the show) and it does contain foul language, etc. But I likes it anyway.

Regarding Scandanavians: based on the ones I've met, I've come to two possible conclusions, neither of which I can rule out at present. The first is that all Scandanavians are good-looking. The second is that Scandanavian countires only allow the good-looking people to leave (if so, then going there would reveal a country full of the ugly and average-looking folk). Or perhaps I'm just a sucker for blonds and redheads.

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