Friday, May 25, 2007

Southern Portugal and Spain

Now with some photos! So you don't have to read my words.

Ok, so what follows is some descriptive "sentences" about the towns in the places in the title. I'm too lazy to write full sentences. It's sort of like what my teachers called "word pictures". You can pretend it's poetry if you like, but it's not. Just plain ol' laziness:

Brillant white smooth walls
Holes chipped away showing light brown stone
Red brown curved roof tiles
Windows, wrought iron with twisted bars and curicules outside, wooden shutters inside
Coloured tiles surround the frames
Rails enclose small upper floor terraces, just large enough to step out on
Potted plants fill the spaces, blue and white ceramic plates and pots line the walls and sills
Sheets and other laundry hang out on the railings in the burning sun to dry
Open doors show glimpses from the street of narrow staircases and long, shaded corridors with tiled walls
Narrow streets that wind and form nothing ressembling a grid. Sometimes stairs lead between streets
Street surface is rounded stones in concrete, rectangular bricks forming a narrow drain down the middle
Stones used in mosaics in some steets and squares - sometimes just patterns, sometimes pictures of plants or coats of arms
Over the walls bounding the streets spill climbing plants from shaded gardens. The trickle of fountains can sometimes be heard from the wealthier ones, but more commonly in the town plazas
Shops and restaurants spill out on to the sidewalks, wares and tables covered by awnings and umbrellas
Dogs wander of their own accord - watch where you step or squeltch! (come on, you knew I couldn't stay serious for long)

So there's some images for you to tide you over 'cause I don't have any pictures up.

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