Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I forgot to mention that when I got back from visiting the Coylet, I found my first ever tick embedded in my leg. How exciting! Actually, since I had no idea what exactly I was supposed to do to rid myself of a tick, it was exciting in a bit of a worrisome way for a while. I pretty much just dug it out with my fingernails. That seems to have worked. I have since read that the best method is to extract the tick "carefullly with small tweezers".

Good times I've been having, eh? I mean, how could I forget to tell you about a tick?

Classes are coming along alright here. I'm now used to being addressed as "a Mhegan" which gets pronounced as "Vegan" but with a softish v that's closer to an f-sound than normally. In case you didn't know, in Scottish Gaelic I would say that my name is Megan, but then names can change when you address someone, hence "a Mhegan". That's where the name Hamish comes from - it's actually how you pronounce Seamus (which is Gaelic for James, I believe) when you address him.

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