Monday, October 15, 2007


I went up to Uig on the weekend, as I mentioned in my last post. I visited with Rob, and then his assistant Caroline and her friend Alice when they got back from a trip to Harris. We walked to get food, as one does, and back up the lovely steep, hairpin-turns driveway to the hostel. We listened to the football match on the radio (Scotland beat Ukraine, hooray!), watched the rugby World Cup semi-final in the evening (England beat France, boo), and went for some walks. So here's the photos.

This is Uig - call it the outskirts of Uig, I suppose, because it's farther along from the pier. The little round building is a folly, meaning that it was built to look old back when it was fashionable to have ruins on your property.

That's a Cal-Mac ferry sailing off to the Western Isles.

Rob and I walked to the Faerie Glen Sunday afternoon as the weather was nice.
This is the bit referred to as a castle with some name I can't remember. Ewan, Elwen? Can't find it on the internet either at the moment.

In the Faerie Glen again, where the hills are ridgey. Rob's guess was that maybe peat was once cut out of them, which seemed a good explanation to me.

More of the Glen, with sheep. It seems that I managed to not get a photo of some of the spirals made of stone on the ground, but they are there. I just read on the BBC that legend says that girls who dance naked on the spirals will have their desires fulfilled. So I missed my opportunity. Or the BBC's quite conniving.

And here's a photo from Thanksgiving Day (unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the meal itself). This is me and my apple pie (wearing my lovely SYHA top). It's in a frying pan, which caused amusement and confusion amongst my co-workers, who when seeing it initially wondered how I had fried a pie. I didn't fry it, it's just that we didn't have any pie plates so that was the most suitable dish that I could find.

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Anonymous said...

you are my hero. Some people just don't appreciate pragmatism. I once tried to finish baking muffins on the bbq when the element in our oven didn't work, but it was worth a shot!