Friday, October 12, 2007

Makin' up for bein' lazy

Last night I went over to Saucy Mary's with Helen to see a band that was playing called Too Far North. I would describe them as bluesy-rock. Anyway, what was interesting in particular was that they had a percussionist who looked to be no more than 12 years old. We heard rumours that he's the band manager's son, which seems sensible as I can't see the band putting out an ad in the paper for a percussionist and a little boy applying. The boy, referred to as Mighty Joe, took his music-playing very seriously and looked quite focussed. There were jokes amongst patrons about offering to buy him a pint.

I've been giving Helen French lessons over the past few days. She's spent some time working in France so she's picked up some already, but I've been teaching grammar rules and verb tenses to add on to what she knows. It's been a good review of French for me as well. I even had a dream last night where I was speaking in English with most people but in French to a francophonen who was in the dream.

I'm going up to Uig today to spend a couple of days at the hostel there. The manager there is the aforementioned Rob of the Thanksgiving dinner, and then there his is assistant Caroline, and that's it.

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