Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In other news...

I just booked a flight to Canada. My job here ends at the end of October (the hostel is closing), so I'll do a bit of travelling or something and then fly from London to Halifax on November 5. Then I'm flying back on December 2, and will either start work if I have a job lined up, or keep looking.

The last day of flights to/from Halifax with the airline I'm using, Fly Zoom, is on December 2, hence why I'm visiting in November instead of December (Christmas makes flights expensive).

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Janie Lori said...

Happy travels, hope that you have a great trip back home in November.. let me know if you are in NB b/c I'm still here in St. Andrews and would love to see you, its been WAY too long!!
Take care and be sure to enjoy the beautiful Scottish landscape.. I'm so happy for you!! I look forward to hearing all about your fantastic travels!! Bye for now!