Monday, March 03, 2008

Heading to the Loch sans locks

That post title is terrible, really.

I'm going down to the Loch Ness hostel this week to cover a "Rent-a-Hostel". This is where a group pays to have an out-of-season hostel all to themselves. It's a few hundred pounds for the entire place, so if you have a group that will fill it (in the case of Loch Ness, about 38 beds), then it's a good deal.

Anyway, tomorrow several of us from the Inverness hostel are going down to tidy up the place, then I'll be going down again Wednesday and staying there overnight and Thursday night, coming back on Friday after cleaning the place up. So that'll be another hostel under my belt.

Not too much else new with me, other than I got my haircut. I had it lopped off to what you'd call a bob cut, I guess - not quite shoulder length and layered. I'm happy with it; it's made a nice change from the ol' long hair.

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