Saturday, March 22, 2008

There will be posts

Well, I'm at the Loch Ness hostel tonight, working reception and reading through the Inverness Press and Journal while I wait for arrivals and turn away people who haven't booked (most places are full this weekend). The north of Scotland may have more people than PEI, but that doesn't stop its newspaper from having characteristic small-town/rural stories. Like the news brief about how the shops were busy yesterday as people prepared for the Easter holiday, and that some readers reported not being able to find parking spaces at the Morrisons supermarket. I just love those sorts of stories.

On the more bizarre side is the article entitled "White witch curses latest Nessie hunt". Unfortunately, the online version doesn't have the picture of the witch, a long-yellow-haired fellow in a burgundy bath robe on the loch shore.

There was snow overnight in Inverness, and some small hailstones fell here at Alltsigh briefly while I was carrying a mop bucket from one building to the other. The forecast called for "wintry showers" today (I think we'd call that "flurries" at home) and predicts heavy snow overnight.

The point of this post was to tell you that there will be some more posts soon. I spent last weekend here at Loch Ness, then went back to Inverness to work for three days there. Then I hired a car Wednesday afternoon, drove to Loch Ness to visit Tina overnight, then drove to Skye on Thursday morning and ran the roads around there that day and Friday morning, staying in Broadford overnight. I returned the hire car Friday afternoon, spent a night in my own bed, then it was down here again this morning to relieve Tina. So I've pictures to upload and tales to tell, but what with the Easter holiday and my jet-setting lifestyle, I've not gotten to the library to put up pictures. I might get some up tomorrow if Tina lets me use her laptop. Anyway, when I do post I will probably archive post them to the day I'm writing about, but I'll let you know.

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