Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going to Glen Affric

On Friday, I'm going to work for a few days at the SYHA hostel in Glen Affric. Now, it's a special sort of hostel, in that there is no road access. People come in on foot from where the road ends, at the Glen Affric Lodge I believe it's called, over 7 miles away to the east, or they come over land from the west, where it's 17 miles to the Association's nearest hostel at Ratagan.

The manager of the hostel (the only staff member) has been there since it opened around March 20, so to give him some time off I'm going in. I'm being taken in by Landrover Friday morning, and being picked up Monday morning. The hostel isn't very big, only 26 beds, so the amount of cleaning I'll have to do will be minimal compared to larger hostels, as will reception duties. Glen Affric is supposed to be one of the most beautiful glens in the country.

Electricity for the hostel is produced by a windmill, as far as I know, and there's no heating in the dormitory buildings, just the main one where there's a small stove. There's also no mobile phone signal or even a land-line phone, only a satellite phone to use if necessary. So needless to say I won't be posting to my blog until I get back. I'll be taking my camera with me, so there'll be loads of pictures if all goes well.

A few links about the place:
walks in Glen Affric area
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Google map I made up (will be added to later I imagine)

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