Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The weather has been sunny here since Monday, and it looks like it might continue for a bit, so that's rare and great! I got out skating Monday afternoon, had to break the skates in some and they are heavy so my legs need some conditioning to that. I'll go out later today and continue my search for the smoothest surfaces to skate on in Inverness.

Last week I got in touch with a fellow that I met in Skye who works in Inverness, Conor, who's from Ireland. We met up to hang out and discovered that we live on the same street - he lives up the hill from the youth hostel. It's a wonder that we didn't bump into each other on the street at some point in the last few months.

I was down to the Cairngorm area briefly on Friday evening, went for a drive with Sam down to Aviemore to get something to eat and drove up to the base of Cairngorm Mountain for a look while we were there. There's loads of snow down, the best in 20 years supposedly.

Days off today and tomorrow; I'm going to enjoy civilization before being sent to the most remote hostel in the country for work on Friday - that's in the next post.

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