Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, the spring-ish weather has turned my fancy to rollerblading, as it is inclined to do, so I went and bought myself a pair of skates yesterday. I looked around the shops last week and discovered that it's not a popular sport over here (I've never seen anyone skating in Scotland, now that I think of it), and people seem to think it's a kids' sport since most skates available are for them.

Anyway, I figured that my feet are small so I could squeeze into large boys' skates if necessary, so I headed to JJB Sports after work yesterday and asked what they had in my size. There was only one model available, a pair of what are meant to be aggressive skates (i.e. for doing tricks and the like), although when I commented on that to the sales guy, he gave me a blank look. The model name is Sledge, odd since that's the word for a sled over here. They have no brake (so I'll get to work on my hockey stops), but they did come with wrist guards and knee pads, and for a decent price. Anyway, they'll be good enough for me to scoot around on for the next couple of months. I haven't been on them yet, other than skating around the store slowly (where everyone stopped to watch me), but if the weather holds I'll be out this afternoon.

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