Friday, June 20, 2008

Cowal Way, Day 4: Lochgoilhead to Ardgartan

The last bit of the walk was a short section, only six miles but climbing higher up then on any other sections. Straight from Lochgoilhead, I started heading uphill, on a forestry track at first, then steeper on an ATV track, then even steeper on a boggy path marked with posts occasionally. Once over 500m up, my guidebook gave compass readings for directions as well, because it can be so cloudy at that elevation that sometimes you cannot see the marking posts (a few were tricky to spot from far off just due to the landscape.

The view from up high was sensational, though I couldn't dawdle seeing it as it was windy and cold up there. I did get plenty of time to enjoy it during my breaks climbing up and then on the way down.

Once again, it was a Forestry Commission road that I followed out to Ardgartan, on Loch Long, where the Cowal Way ends. I then walked another few miles to Arrochar, where I grabbed some fish and chips for lunch before catching a train to Fort William, a scenic journey with views of Loch Lomond and some spectacular glens and Rannoch Moor. Then it was a bus to Inverness for the weekend.

And some more photos.

Leaving Lochgoilhead in the morning.Cows blocking my path; the younger ones ran but this one stood her ground.
View back from the pass. Lochgoilhead is on the right, the pass I came through the day before would be in the middle area.
I'd huffed and puffed to get up the hills, and then there were some sheep, grazing nonchalantly like it was just another day at the office to be up there (it was for them).
You can just see Loch Long as I stand at the pass summit.

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