Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Don't you wish your girlfriend is hot like me?

I was thinking that while I was in Eastern Europe I might do some clothes replacement shopping, as new clothes would be slightly cheaper here. They are, but I didn't count on the clothing style being quite so different.

In the east, branded clothing is even more popular than in the UK (where it is more popular than in Canada). So all those shops I avoided, leaving me with the cheap shops that I like to frequent. The clothes in the cheap shops in the east tend to involve lots of glitter and slogans in English on the tops, like this post title (complete with grammar mistake) or something like "Your boyfriend bought me this" or just simple stuff like "superstar". Not really my cup of tea.

I suppose I could blame the clothing choice on the ignorance of English on the part of the buyers, but then I've seen shops in Glasgow selling shirts that read things like "porn star" or "I'm not drunk enough for you to look good yet" and the like.

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