Sunday, June 17, 2007

Harpoon fishing

This photo is someone else's; I'm the brilliant white person in the middle who appears to either be doing some calisthenics or handwashing some clothes in the sea. The Black Sea isn't black at all as you can see from here.
I went to the beach with a bunch of people from the hostel today (about 11 of us) and we had two spear guns and sets of snorkeling equipment between us. So a bunch of us tried harpoon fishing - snorkeling amongst the rocks and hunting out little fish that are called gobi, I believe - just fat little ugly brown fish. I love snorkeling, although I've sort of forgotten that I do. I did it once 6 years ago and haven't since, an error I hope to correct in the future.

I didn't manage to catch any fish, although one fellow caught 8 which is the hostel record. I enjoyed the snorkeling more than anything, although the hunt of the fish was fun as well.

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