Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Canada Day and the simple joys of a bed

I'm in Madrid, heading out to Vaughan Town on July 1 so I'll have to teach the Spaniards about Canada Day.

Last night I slept in a bed for the first time in two days. In those days, I slept stretched out on train seats on a trip from Romania to Hungary, then beside a pool at the Turkish baths in Budapest, then on the floor of the Budapest airport the next night, and stretched out on some seats in the Berlin airport yesterday. Having a pillow other than my handbag was a real treat, as was a mattress.

I did take a picture of the public bath I visited in Budapest this time round, so here it is.

I like Hungarian statue style for some reason I can't pinpoint. I also like the fact that they put up statues of historical figures all over the place and are quite proud of their history, even though no one else really knows about it. I think we should try that more in Canada - instead of the Heritage Dept. spending money on free flags or whatever it is they do, they could put up a few statues. Here's some heroes of Hungarian history that I don't know anything about.
At Budapest, we boarded a bus that drove us all of 150 ft to our plane. I think this must have been due to safety regulations that didn't allow for us to cross the airport road that the luggage cars and fuel trucks drove on. At Berlin, and other airports I've been to, they provided a crossing guard. Seems that's more expediant than putting us all on buses for a 10 second journey.

Travelling the last couple of days, I have become aware that I'm a good size for travelling. I wouldn't want to be any taller or bigger and try to fly budget airlines. I flew Easy Jet this time round, and my knees were a mere few inches from the seat in front of me (the seats don't recline on those flights because if they did, you'd be lying on the person behind you). On trains, I'm just the right length to stretch out on compartment benches, and ditto for making a bed out of two airport chairs and a coffee table. I'm big enough to carry my luggage, but small enough to squeeze into where I need to. 5 foot 5 inches works well.

Oh, beware the airline MyAir. Two French girls I hung out with in Sighsoara discovered, by a chance checking of e-mail, that their flight had been moved to two days later and that there was no other flights to allow them to get back home when they needed to. We spent some time searching on the internet and managed to find them a flight from another city on another airline, but it was more expensive then the flight they had originally booked. And if they hadn't checked their e-mail, they would have shown up at the airport to be told that they didn't fly that day.

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