Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Not sure if I posted a general outline of where I'm going over the next while, so I'll do it just in case.

June 28 I'm flying to Madrid (via Berlin) to do another Vaughan Town from July 1-6.

I'm flying to an airport in the vacinity of London after the Vaughan Town, going to spend some time visiting London (ouch! says my wallet) and some other places in England (thinking Hadrian's Wall as one stop) as I make my way north to Edinburgh.

Hope to visit some people in Edinburgh for a few days and then head to Isle of Skye for two weeks for a Scottish Gaelic course (go ahead and laugh, I don't care) that starts on July 30.

After that, I will hopefully be on track to getting a job and will rejoin the world of the earning.

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