Saturday, August 09, 2008

Go west, young lady

This afternoon I`m leaving on a nearly-cross-Canada bus trip by bus. I`ve got a 15-day pass with the now internationally-imfamous Greyhound buses so that will get me all the way to the west coast, and then I`m flying back east from Edmonton (the catalyst for my trip was to visit my old buddies in Edmonton).

I`ll stick photos up if I can as I go along, but if I`m not near internet then you won`t be hearing from me for a bit. Here`s an approximate itinerary, it gets a bit hazy as it goes on but I`ll fill the time I`m sure.

9th - bus to Ottawa
10th - visit cousins in Ottawa
11th - bus through Ontario
12th - arrive in Thunder Bay, spend day and night there, check out Lake Superior, find a gale
13th - bus through rest of Ontario and into Manitoba
14th - arrive in Winnipeg, spend day and night there
15th - bus to somewhere in southern Saskatchewan and find some grasslands prairie
16-17th? - bus to Kelowna, BC to visit with my uncle?
17th-20th - time in BC, get out to Pacific coast, Vancouver and environs probably
21st - bus back to Alberta in afternoon/night
22nd - arrive in Drumheller to meet friends for weekend of camping
24-25th - back up to Edmonton
26th - fly to PEI

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