Sunday, August 10, 2008


That's Ottawa the way Americans are made fun of for saying it.

Anyway, I spent the night of the 9th on the bus up from the Maritimes, zooming through Quebec in the night. In the morning I arrived in Ottawa and my cousins Sarah and Robyn, who live there now, picked me up. We went for brunch, then went off to the museums which were actually in Hull (Quebec side of the river) and went through the Museum of War. The surprise artifact there was Hitler's parade car, with bullet riddled windows, that had been brought to Canada by American soldiers.

After that we went down to the Market section of town, near where Robyn lives, and had coffee and cake. Then it was off to Orleans in the east, where Sarah and her husband live, and we had supper outside in the first sunny weather in a while.

I stayed the night at Robyn's lovely apartment, and she took me to the station in the morning to catch my bus westward.

Didn't dig my camera out of my bag the whole day (silly me), so no photos!

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