Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Round PEI: Miscellania

This plant wouldn't bloom, then the family started using it as an ashtray and lo and behold, it flowered. Coming to end of it's flowering now. And cigarettes are supposed to be bad for you!
What happens when the submersible sump-pump gets water in it? It quits, and the basement floods. This is what it still looked like after pump was removed (another pump on the other side still on the go) and my brother and I had shop-vac-ed about 200 gallons out of the place; it was still raining and the water was still seeping in. Brought back memories from my childhood of frequent basement floods.

Looking into Charlottetown over the bridge crossing the Hillsborough River (if it weren`t for that bridge, people wouldn`t be able to live where I do and commute to Charlottetown - it`d be about a 2 hour trip to go up round the river head and back down the other side).
Rush-hour coming off the Hillsborough Bridge heading east.

Little did I know that there's a Department of National Defense firing range on the shore not too far from where I live. Went down a clay road I've never been down and there it was.

Like the way the power lines are shining in the sunlight here.

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