Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Round PEI: Charlottetown

Taken on a sunny day before all the rains started.

Down at the waterfront, the Prince Edward hotel on the left (it's probably a safe bet to say it's the tallest building on PEI). The blue awning is where you'd find Peake's Quay restaurant/bar, one of Charlottetown's big nightspots.

City Hall and Queen Street, one of the main drags downtown.
Victoria Row, pedestrianized for all the tourists to flock to it.

This photo shows mostly that I'm a lazy photographer. Also, the intersection of Grafton Street with Queen Street.
Some houses on Great George Street. As you can see, (and can't see houses), Charlottetown has many trees.
And as this photo overlooking downtown residential areas shows, you can't see the city for the trees - looks like a forest in the distance.
It's not all pretty buildings and trees of course; there's always the dirty alleys behind the buildings.

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