Friday, August 01, 2008

Round PEI: Old Farm

Every time I come back to the Island, there's always something different - a new building, some trees missing, that sort of thing. I've never been away longer than a year and a half, but there's always change.

I drove down the road that my father grew up on the other day. Dad grew up on a farm outside of Charlottetown at the time, but town's since expanded out. Here's a map.

I never saw the farm when it was my grandfather's, he sold it when he retired and that was well before I was born. But I've driven down memory lane, the Upton Road and the Hurry Road, with my dad many a time.

Nowadays the old Hurry Road isn't getting much use, as you can see it's overgrown and needing a good grading (this is a not too flooded and bumpy stretch of it).

My grandfather sold the farm to the government because he didn't want to risk seeing it covered in sub-divisions (housing estates) some day. He was prophetic, as much of the surrounding area is now sub-divided with more going up; here's the back of some next door.

The old farm is now used for forestry works of some sort, with buildings on the Upton Road, viewed from the back...
...and trees on the back lane.

I tripped over this fallen barbed wire fence when taking some pictures.

This creek (crick, if you will) has scummed over something terrible.
These fields are between the Hurry Road and the North River. I'm not sure how much of them was once the family farm, if any, I would need my father or uncle to point it out to me. These views probably haven't changed terribly except for the addition of the tower.
My Dad has since pointed out to me that this one below was called the Black Pasture because it was burnt at one time and stayed black for a long time, and so it was part of their farm.
And someone's got a field of potatoes, so this one's probably not the government's (unless the government's experimental farm is borrowing forestry land.
Makes me wonder if 30 years from now, I'll be looking at a sub-division or two in what is now fields surrounding my childhood home on the Village Green Road.

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ster said...

The fields left of the [crick] & the Hurry farm.
From the Hurry RD [used to be called the back lane] to the North River shoreline was part of the Glover farm