Friday, July 13, 2007

Ads, ads, everywhere an ad

I never realized how free of ads the Island is until I started travelling elsewhere. I mean, we get ads on TV, but they're not plastered along the roadsides or on streets, and we didn't have public transportation when I lived there so there was no way to put ads on that either. (Incidentally, if you don't know, it's provincial law in PEI that you can't put up billboards on the roadsides - if you want to advertise you business, you can get a standard government-made sign that will be put up like other road signs.)

In London, ads are everywhere - on posts, on taxis, on buses, inside the buses, in subway halls, on the subways. You know how if you're watching a television show and they repeat a commercial a few times, it gets annoying? Well, I've been seeing the same ads repeated over and over again in every Tube station, and I'm getting bored of them after a only a few days. I know many of them by heart now.

I'm staying at The Generator, which is the first hostel I ever stayed at back in June of 2002 (I was so young!). It's still as crap as it was then. It's clean and all, but it's huge (500 people) and feels very industrial, but I think they're trying to go with that theme. It advertises itself as a party hostel, but it's not even a good party hostel, meaning it just doesn't have a friendly, casual atmosphere. It's the kind of place where someone would pull the fire alarm at midnight. We didn't have to go outside because someone turned it off, thankfully since I had enough of standing around outside at night due to fire alarms back when I lived in East Campus Village in Edmonton.

I'm heading on a roadtrip for the weekend tomorrow, if I haven't mentioned it already, with some people from Vaughan Town.

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