Saturday, July 28, 2007

Speed, bonnie bus

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Skye on a coach. And I'm using that as as segue to mention something I forgot before - on my brus trip from London to Edinburgh, they brought a sniffer dog on to the coach, presumably to sniff out explosives as I doubt they're concerned about drug smuggling within the UK. I've never seen a sniffer dog brought on a bus before - I don't even know if I've ever even laid eyes on one in an airport. When the dog handler brought the dog down the aisle, I thought he was bringing someone's pet on board, and thought to myself - "oh, I didn't know they let people bring their pets on board with them". Then the dog was hauled back off (he seemed to want to stay with us at the back) and that was it.
My Edinburgh to Glasgow coach had no dogs brought on.
I spent last night in Argyll. I went their yesterday morning with the mission of collecting a bag of stuff that I left there (winter clothes, dress clothes - things I didn't want to carry around for the summer travelling but didn't want to give away). I took a walk in the hills for old times sake and then went to the hotel. The management has changed there because the place has been leased, and then there were new staff on for the summer season, and some had left, so there were some familiar faces and some new. Julie, who I worked with when I was there, is now working at a hotel up the road until the end of the summer and since it was her day off I spent some time with her getting caught up. She convinced me to stay the night, so we hung out together and then I joined some of the current Coylet staff at a party.
It was a fun time, but it was also strange being there but no longer being an employee. The area feels like a former home does since it's so familiar. And sitting in the hotel, I felt like I should be jumping up to answer the phone when it rang or greet customers as they came in.

Being along Loch Eck again made me realize that it's still one of the more beautiful places that I've been to in my life. It's hard to compete with it.

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