Tuesday, July 17, 2007

London update

I mentioned yesterday that I had a job interview today. Well, I went, they did a sort of group interview that involved asking us very few questions and more explaining things to us (I found that process very interesting after I knew what was happening at the end). We were told to call back this afternoon to see if we'd made the cut for a second interview.

I called back and was told that I'm in for tomorrow, a "trial" as they put it, to which I'm to wear "trainers and a college shirt if possible" (I assume that means like a sweatshirt).

In the vein of being mysterious, I'm not going to say what the job is just yet.

Other than that, I've just been wandering around town, feeling money evaporate from my wallet. I visited the National Portrait Awards exhibit for free (there were some good portraits - oddly enough at a portrait exhibit). Visited a history of photography in Britain at the National Gallery not for free (and had to pay full price as they wouldn't accept my expiration-date-free student card - the buggers!).

I walked through St. James Park yesterday, the one that is sort of between the Parliment buildings and Buckingham Palace, and in a pond there are many pelicans or storks (are they one and the same?). They are so tame that one waddled up on the bridge (it was funny to watch it walk) and wandered around, letting one man pet it even.

Today I had lunch, after my interview, with Tracey and Shonay, and tonight I'm hopefully meeting up with Patricia from Vaughan Town and some others to show one of the Spanish ladies' friend a good time in London (that's convoluted, I know).

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