Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nothing really exciting happening...

Not much new with me, just been hanging around Glasgow. It hasn't rained except overnight, so maybe that counts as exciting (sun is rare here, especially this summer).
I'm going to Loch Eck tomorrow; figure I'll take a walk in the hills and then go by the Coylet to pick up some stuff I left there. Sunday morning I'm off to Skye for my course there. Depending on what happens I may do some travelling around the island when the course finishes on August 10. I've applied for a job at a hostel in northern Skye, Uig, so if I get that then I'd start there. If not, then I'll come back to Glasgow at some point to get work.
I've read the final Harry Potter book, which I'm sure you have hear came out last week (the day after my birthday, so my present to myself). I wish I had magical abilities for travelling alone - not the Apparating (just popping into a new location), but for making things very light and small. That way I could travel with a stack of books, loads of clothes, and whatever other things I fancied, without having to worry about weight.
I'm not sure what my interent situation will be like my first week in Skye, so if you don't see any updates from me, that's why.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan! I'm Jill from the Philippines. I just liked what you said about wishing you have the power to make things smaller and lighter. Well, I also want that power 'coz, though I'm a member too of the vain sector called "women", I hate carrying bags. If it's inevitable, I want it too be just small. Maybe just a pouch or something. If you happen to find a way to make our wish come true, let me know. Haha. You take care.