Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The weird ways people find this site...

I mentioned that I'm using Google Analytics in a previous post, and showed you the different locations that my site had been visited from in the last month. Well, another bit of information that Analytics will report on is where visitors to my site are referred from. In the case where they arrived after a Google search, then it shows me the keywords that they searched.

In the last month, I've had 13 visits from search engine hits. The most common search is just my name, as you can see in the chart below (take that all you other Megan Glovers - who's at the top of Google now?).
I'm guessing number 2 on the list is someone who met me, heard I had a blog but didn't know my last name, but then who knows. I'm puzzled by number 3 on the list - why would you crush snails for money? Who would pay you for such a thing?

The real kicker for me, though, is number 7 - someone searched "dunoon porn". I guess I've used the word "porn" at some time in a post - I won't argue that. I do find it absolutely hilarious (I'm using italics so you know it's hilarious) that someone would search that combination of words. I don't know much about porn, but from what I know, I wouldn't search for porn from Dunoon. If there's any produced there, I have a feeling it's an inferior product to the rest of the market.

I'm really rendered a bit speechless in trying to explain why I find it funny. Dunoon? Porn? Who puts those together?

I actually just searched that combination and I don't see my blog anywhere, so I guess I won't be getting hits that way any more. I'm sure the searcher was disappointed when they got to my site anyway. I may have photos up, but not the kind they were looking for.

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