Friday, July 13, 2007

My favourite hostels

I had a discussion with someone on this subject not too long ago, so I thought I'd put this up. These are my three favourite hostels that I've stayed at in my lifetime of travelling. All of them are hostels that I've stayed in during the last couple of months - I did think back to 2002 when I first stayed in hostels, but the ones then could not beat these hostels either.

All of these hostels were of course clean, had sufficient bathroom facilities, weren't over-crowded - the normal things that I expect in a hostel. However, these ones went above and beyond the normal, so that's why they're on my list.

3. Oasis Backpackers' Hostel in Granada, Spain
Free breakfast (not just toast, but also waffle batter and iron provided), free welcome drink, free internet. The building has a nice roof-top terrace, and also a courtyard. Dinner parties every few days with a three-course, tasty meal (soup, salad, and main course) for 3.50 Euros. Free city walking tours, tapas tours, Spanish lessons. Friendly staff and other guests friendly as well. Price: 15 Euros per night.

2. Kismet Dao Hostel in Brasov, Romania
Free breakfast of just the toast and coffee/tea variety, but free laundry! Free half litre of beer per day (or pop or juice). Balconies off most rooms, basement lounge to be noisey in during the evenings. TV room with satellite and loads of DVDs. Awesome staff - they'll do whatever they can to help you with travel plans and then take you out with all their friends when they're off duty. Everyone ends up knowing everyone at the hostel. People end up staying here many days longer than they planned.

1. Gregory's Backpackers Hostel in Varna, Bulgaria
This place feels like a home. Like number 2, everyone ends up meeting everyone else because there's only about 20 beds. The Gregorys, husband and wife Terry and Georgie, will pick you up in Varna and take you out to the hostel in a nearby village. They show you around the place, learn your name and a bit of your life story, and make you feel welcome. The breakfast includes more than toast - there's some cheese, orange, tomato, and sausage. TV room with satellite and loads of DVDs. Various tours organized and nights out in town held. Great place to relax and have fun. Another hostel where you'll stay longer than you planned.

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mischief said...

Oh I've gotta add to this list!

Sims Cosy Guest House in Chengdu, Sichuan Province China.

It does exactly what it says in the name- it's cosy! Owned by a couple who I think are Japanese and Chinese, last time I was there I stayed WAY longer than I expected, just loved their hospitality! The place is family run, they had their little daughters birthday party in the place and all the backpackers sung happy birthday and ate cake and free beer, the bar is just brilliant and the chilling out areas, a waterfall, japanese style lounge and cinema are superb.

Go Sims!